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Shelley Jewell
Shelley Jewell
Program Specialist in Assistive Technology and Intellectual Disabilities
VDOE’s Training and Technical Assistance Center at VCU

Shelley is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where she obtained her Master of Science degree in occupational therapy in 2012. She is an occupational therapist and RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional who currently works for the T/TAC at VCU supporting teachers and staff in the area of assistive technology and instruction for students with intellectual disabilities. In the past, she provided occupational therapy services to students from preschool to high school levels. She has always held a strong interest in the value of assistive technology and its role in matching students to valuable tasks, such as accessing their environment and communicating.

Event(s) Authored
Archived Do It Yourself Assistive Technology at Home - Virtual TechKnowledgy 2019-2020