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Welcome to Virtual TechKnowledgy 2023-2024

Girl using ipad

Assistive technology (AT) can often be the game changer that allows children, youth and young adults to fully participate and be independent in educational and community activities. Apps designed with built-in features such as text to speech and voice recognition allow students to participate in instructional activities. Accessible instructional materials provide access to text that students with reading difficulties need. The variety of augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC) is broader and more accessible than ever. AAC allows users to make choices and comments, and engage in meaningful conversations with peers and adults. These are just a few trends recognized in the field of AT. Perhaps most important of all, with the emphasis on self-advocacy, students are participating even more in AT decision-making.

This virtual conference is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education’s Assistive Technology Network in an effort to provide ongoing professional learning in the area of assistive technology to practitioners and families supporting students with disabilities.