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Mona Pruett
Mona Pruett
M.S., OT/L
Independent Contractor

Mona Pruett, M.S., OT/L, ATP is an occupational therapist with over 39 years’ experience working with children in public schools, early intervention programs and private practice. She previously worked for the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center at VCU as a program specialist in assistive technology and intellectual disabilities. She served as a committee member for formulating the guidance document for assistive technology in public schools “Assistive Technology: A Framework for Consideration and Assessment” (2008). She enjoys staying current with the most recent advances in technology, but also loves to share low cost and easy to use alternatives.

Event(s) Authored
Archived "Say what you wanna say" - Virtual TechKnowledgy 2016-2017
Write on, Write now - TechKnowledgy 2018-2019