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Kristin Williams
Kristin Williams
Mathematics & Special Education Specialist
Office of STEM and Innovation, Virginia Department of Education

Kristin Williams is the Mathematics and Special Education Specialist at the Virginia Department of Education. She promotes and supports statewide mathematics achievement of students, with a particular focus on students with disabilities and diverse support needs. Ms. Williams’ 25 years of experience in the classroom as both a special educator and general educator, as well as various leadership roles in both capacities, have helped her to fulfill this state-level role with the lens of a well-seasoned practitioner. She holds a Virginia Postgraduate Professional License in Specific Learning disabilities K-12, Intellectual disabilities K-12, Emotional Disturbance K-12, and Mathematics – Algebra I. She has presented at various local and state conferences, and is passionate about supporting both general and special educators as they endeavor to meet the needs of all students.

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